88th Avenue Widening Environmental Assessment

Commerce City is proposing a widening project and other improvements to E.88th Avenue between I-76 and Highway 2. The city is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) along this 1.6-mile stretch, which is a federally required process to evaluate environmental impacts for the improvements.

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The 88th Avenue project was identified as a priority improvement in the city's recently-adopted Irondale Neighborhood and Infrastructure Plan, with partial funding already identified in the city's five-year Capital Improvements and Preservation Plan (CIPP - details of the plan start on page 245 of the city's budget book). 

Project Goals

The goals of the E. 88th Avenue project are to:

  • Improve capacity on E. 88th Avenue
  • Provide a new bridge over the railroad crossing west of Rosemary Street
  • Analyze roadway and driveway access points
  • Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Improve lighting, drainage and landscaping

To achieve these goals, the environmental study will evaluate possible improvements such as:

  • Widening E. 88th Avenue from two to four lanes with appropriate turn lanes and median
  • Upgrading the traffic signal at the E. 88th Avenue and Rosemary Street intersection and connecting all signals between I-76 and Highway 2
  • Replacing the existing at-grade railroad crossing with a grade-separated structure (i.e. bridge or overpass) over the tracks
  • Building sidewalks along the roadway and providing bike lanes as called for in the city's Walk-Bike-Fit Plan

Public Open House 

The first project open house was held on March 27 at Tradicion Bar & Grill. The event gave residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to discuss topics such as existing conditions, proposed improvements and the project timeline.

Informational boards - March 27 open house

An additional open house will be held in the fall or winter of 2019 to provide updates on the environmental assessment and allow more feedback opportunities for the public.

Project Timeline

The preliminary design and environmental analysis for this project is expected to be complete by December 2019. Here are a few highlights of what to expect during the EA:

  • Oct.-Nov. 2018: Traffic and environmental data collection and survey work in the corridor
  • Nov.-Dec. 2018: Early outreach to major corridor stakeholders
  • March 2019: First public meeting
  • Feb.-Aug. 2019: Alternatives development and analysis, and environmental data collection
  • Fall/Winter 2019: Second public meeting
  • Late 2019/Early 2020: Project preliminary design documentation, environmental impacts analysis, and approvals to begin final design

The final project design is likely to occur throughout 2020. Pending additional federal funding, construction could begin as early as 2022.

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Your input is welcome and critical to the success of this project. Keep an eye out for additional ways to provide feedback and learn more about improvements along E. 88th Avenue.