Roads Projects

Pavement rollerThe city uses voter-approved capital improvement funds, funds from impact fees, dedicated transportation and solid waste taxes, and general fund to complete roads projects. We also partner with agencies such as Adams County, City & County of Denver, Colorado Department of Transportation and Regional Transportation District to deliver projects that have regional benefits.

Commerce City strives to create a quality transportation network that best suits the community by involving residents through online surveys and forums, neighborhood meetings and the CIP Citizen Advisory Committee

Learn about completed Roads projects

Core City and Irondale Infrastructure Improvements

The city is investing nearly $10 million from the 2019 budget to improve roads, sidewalks and drainage facilities in the core city and the Irondale neighborhood. Some of those funds will also go toward land acquisition, right-of-way purchases, pavement design, and a local drainage implementation study. Most of these projects will be complete by the end of 2019, with some engineering studies and designs continuing into 2020. Read on...

88th Avenue Widening

Commerce City is proposing a widening project and other improvements to E.88th Avenue between I-76 and Highway 2. The city is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) along this 1.6-mile stretch, which is a federally required process to evaluate environmental impacts for the improvements. Read on...

RTD Station Area Improvements

Area streets and pedestrian access are being improved to accommodate the construction of a new metro station in Commerce City. The station will be at 72nd Avenue and service the RTD's North Metro Rail Line (N Line). Read on...