Building a Quality Community

Commerce City’s Capital Improvement and Preservation Plan (CIPP) helps construct and maintain public assets that support the vision of a Quality Community for a Lifetime.

Commerce City has identified nearly $1 billion in capital improvement projects that will be necessary over the next 25 years to meet the needs of a growing community. But it’s not just about building projects; operating and taking care of community assets is part of the program too.

Capital projects typically cost more than $50,000 and are categorized in three ways:

  • Traditional Projects: Projects that add new or expanded assets to the city’s inventory, such as city buildings, roads, parks, and recreation amenities.
  • Operational Projects: Projects that add or improve needed public assets to address growth or deficiencies, such as traffic signals, bridge replacements, emergency warning towers, sidewalk connections, drainage and stormwater improvements, studies, or parks/road enhancements.
  • Preservation Projects: Projects that ensure long-term asset maintenance, such as repaving or replacing roads, curbs and gutters, and repairing golf and park amenities.

City Council annually updates its adopted five-year CIPP plan, which is a sustainable way to implement needed investments, providing budget certainty and predictability. The planning process identifies which assets will be improved when, based on anticipated funding and recommendations from the Capital Improvement Program Citizen Advisory Committee (CIPCAC). Replacement and maintenance of city buildings, vehicles, and the information technology network are not part of the CIPP program. Learn more about these internal fund activities within the city's budget.