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Commerce City dedicates five new public art pieces

Post Date:06/08/2018 3:36 PM


 Commerce City celebrated five new pieces of public art and the inaugural exhibition of artwork created by Commerce City school teachers at the new Bison Ridge Recreation Center during a dedication ceremony on June 7.

The new recreation center is home to the city’s latest and most extensive sculpture collection. The artwork was created by esteemed regional artists Don Kennell, Josh Wiener and John King. Kennell’s three bison sculptures called Trailblazers, each nearly 12 feet tall and 20 feet long and made from galvanized sheet metal and steel, are installed on the south side of the recreation center. He was inspired by the migration paths of the American Bison which were invaluable to explorers and pioneers. Wiener’s sculptures, called Steward’s Ship, are in the entrance roundabouts. One is of a child pulling a boat with a cloud above it and is meant to evoke a sense of imagination and the need to preserve the environment. The other is a child pulling a boat with a tree and represents the next generation, an inspiration for children. King’s sculptures are interactive installations on the inside of the recreation center – wheels spinning on the wall and then a mobile handing from the lobby ceiling.

The inaugural exhibition of rotating art, local teachers Elizabeth Castor and Stephen Meyer, were on display last night as well. Castor is a teacher at Prairie View High School and her artwork is made of acrylic paint, colored pencil and watercolor, allowing her to experiment with different layers of color, shapes and patterns. Meyer is a Commerce City resident and art teacher. His artwork shows a wide range, it can take on a cartoony, humorous feel or a serious illustrative feel. These temporary exhibits at the recreation center celebrate emerging artists in Commerce City.

Funding for the pieces was made available through the 1 percent city public art program. Artists were selected through a competitive process identified in the public art master plan. Visit the art at the Bison Ridge Recreation Center, 13905 E. 112th Ave. Commerce City, or see photos of the art on the city’s Facebook page,




#1 - These bison sculptures, titled “Trailblazers” by artist Don Kennell, at Bison Ridge Recreation Center are each nearly 12 feet high and 20 feet long.

#2 – Josh Wiener’s sculptures, Steward’s Ship, are placed in the roundabouts of the recreation center’s entrance.

#3 – A worker stands atop Josh Wiener’s Steward’s Ship as it is installed at the new Bison Ridge Recreation Center.

#4 -  Inside the new Bison Ridge Recreation Center is John King’s colorful mobile structure hanging in the lobby.





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