North Metropolitan Industrial Area Connectivity Study

About the Project

NOrth Metropolitan Industral Area logoNMIA Connectivity Study logoThe North Metropolitan Industrial Area Connectivity Study will assess the transportation system in the North Metro Industrial Area and provide alternatives for future connectivity projects, as well as costing and phasing plans for implementation. The project study area is comprised of land in three jurisdictions: Commerce City, the City and County of Denver and Adams County.

Agency representatives, stakeholders and community members from all three jurisdictions will be notified of project progress and participation opportunities throughout the process. The study is being funded through a $1 million federal grant through the Denver Regional Council of Governments in partnership with Adams County, Commerce City and the City & County of Denver.

Study Area

Study area industrial map
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Outreach Activities

Technical Advisory Committee

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will meet periodically throughout the project process and provide input to the technical evaluation and recommendations. The committee is composed of staff from the public works, traffic engineering, economic development and planning from each of the three jurisdictions, along with technical staff from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Regional Transportation District, Denver Regional Council of Governments and the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads.

Public & Stakeholder Outreach

The North Metro Industrial Area Connectivity Study will identify businesses, agencies and key stakeholders to participate in small group meetings or one-on-one stakeholder interviews. This specific stakeholder outreach is intended to create the opportunity for meaningful involvement and input during the early part of the study, as well as at key milestones throughout the process.

The project team will identify opportunities to share project updates with the community, attend public meetings and ensure opportunity for comment on project progress.

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