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New recreation center construction goes vertical

Post Date:02/22/2017
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Construction on a highly anticipated, new recreation center in Commerce City hit a milestone last week when the first wall panels went up. With the walls in place, construction will move quickly with the installation of a roof and interior work next. 

“Now that construction is going vertical, you can really envision the recreation center becoming a reality,” said Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford. “It seems not that long ago we were working with the community to identify capital projects and now we’re close to completing those projects with less than two years to go.”
The new recreation center is one of three of the five promised projects remaining to complete as part of the city’s 2013 voter-approved capital improvement program. In the last two years, the city has opened three new parks and Paradice Island pool. Both the Tower Road widening project and renovations to the existing recreation center are also scheduled to complete in 2018. 

The walls used in construction, called tilt walls, save time and money by allowing crews to build the panels directly on the site. The wall panels weigh an average of 65-90 tons, while the heaviest panel being used for the recreation center actually tops 128 tons. It took 14 semi-trucks to deliver the 275-ton crane to the site.

Located at the northeast corner of E. 112th Avenue and Potomac Street, the more than 106,000-square-foot facility includes an indoor pool, gymnasium with walking/jogging track, gymnastics center, dance/aerobics studio, weight/fitness area, event space, family locker rooms and more. The project is currently on schedule to complete in 2018. The project also widens Highway 2 to four lanes between E. 112th Avenue and Interstate 76, and paves Potomac Street and E. 112th Avenue to improve access.

The building’s progress can be viewed through the first time-lapse video at 
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